Customer Service Policy

Here at My Office Solutions, we are committed to delivering you only the highest standards of customer service. This Service Charter sets out the standards you can expect from us in our continuing efforts to improve.

Dealing With You

  • We will always be welcoming, courteous, fair and respectful to you
  • We will be helpful and responsive, keep you informed and communicate clearly with you at all times
  • We will consistently provide good quality information and the highest level of care that is suited to your individual needs

Being Clear With You

  • Provide simple and clear products and charges
  • Provide products that are easy for all to understand and use
  • Be accountable for our fees and charges
  • We will provide all correspondence and written materials in plain language and in an easy to read format

Our Availability and How We respond

  • Availability. We will keep our call centre open from 9am AEST to 5pm WAST
  • When You Phone Us. We aim to answer all phone calls within one minute
  • When you Fax Us. We will always acknowledge receipt of your fax with a return phone call, fax or email
  • When You Email Us. We will always acknowledge receipt of your e-mail with a response email

Targeted Response Times

  • Quote requests – 24 hours
  • General enquiries – 6 hours
  • Complaints –6 hours

Your Comments and Concerns

  • We will respond to any concerns you raise about our products or service within 4 hours. We view complaint resolution as an important part of our continuous improvement process.
  • Complaints should be voiced directly to your My Office Solutions Executive or the General Manager
  • We will aim to resolve your complaint within 24 hours
  • If we make a mistake we will apologise and put things right
  • We will regularly ask you for general feedback
  • We will use your feedback to improve our products and services

Your Privacy

  • We respect individual privacy and comply with the Information Privacy Act 1998 in the collection, use, storage, management, provision of access to and disposal of information
  • We will not provide your personal information to any other organisations or persons, except as provided by law
  • You have the right to inspect your own personal information, subject to our Privacy Policy